Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Credit Repair for the Clueless (part 2 of 2)

Usually you are entitled to a free credit report, just ask for it. When you do get it, though, read it cover to cover and try to have a list of questions about what you're not clear about concerning your report. That will save time in phoning your credit card company and asking questions or talking about your disputes.

Creditors and collection companies. You have to keep the lines of communication open between the people you owe money and the people who collect on their behalf. Doing so is a sign of openness and a willingness to work things out. Besides, the collection company will often take whatever you can give them. So don't close your doors and hide from them. That would only send the wrong signals and mar your credit status even more. Remember that you're aiming to repair it, not tarnish it even more.

Identity theft. Some people were victims of this. Someone bought using their names and they had to pay for the consequences. You have to protect vital personal information so that nobody goes around buying in your name. You have to dispute charges you didn't shoulder yourself. That's one reason you have to talk to the credit card companies about your free credit reports.

Laws and litigation. You must be aware of ways to legally protect your interests against unlawful practices of some credit card companies and their collection people. That way, you're prepared and informed and won't be forced to do things not in your better interests.

If you're trying to find a way to do the credit repair yourself, it's advised that you do it yourself and not rely on companies whose tips and efforts you will shell out money for. After all, you don't want to be scammed.

Remember that the very money you may be using to pay for their services you could already be trying to use to settle existing accounts and maxed our credit cards. It's best to do some research yourself.

Credit Repair for the Clueless (part 1 of 2)

If you're new to credit card repair, don’t' despair. It's not that to understand what this is about. And neither will the instructions and tips here be impossible to figure out. May people think, mistakenly, that so long as they keep paying bills on a timely manner, their credit status will be fine. But sometimes we fall back on hard and harder times, and we miss out on payment and end up with the need to do some credit repair. We all want a good credit status. So the more one knows about repairing one's credit status the better.

Right now the economy is hurting, credit card companies are feeling the pinch, and the lending sector is frozen solid for people who need to borrow to sustain their needs. Keep that in mind as it maybe a bit harder this time around to pull back from the abyss of having spent so much, much more than one can earn. Here are important aspects of credit repair concept you should know about.

Your credit score. This is not merely another figure. Your credit score is affected by many things and so you try to avoid those that negatively affect it and find out and implement those that improve it. Improving your score can involve some action on your side and from other people who trust you.

One way to pull up your credit score is to persuade some relatives to put you on the list of people authorized to use their credit cards. It's a good mark on your report when a credit company sees that. That usually means someone trusts you enough to let them use their credit card. That means either financial stability or some discipline in spending.

Your credit reports. You need to be aware of the accurate score, so to speak, of you transactions, from your credit card company or companies. Knowing where you stand allows you to plan ahead and provide you with some calmness in facing the storm, or the rehab process if you've spent more than your income and maxed out a few credit cards.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Ghoulish Halloween Party (part 2 of 2)

And don’t forget the music. You can easily find Halloween music in the nearest record store or in the internet. For further enjoyment, you can ask the kids to dance in a “monstery” or ghoulish kind of way. You can even give a prize to the kid that will give the best monster dance.

Don’t forget to give prizes to your game winners. This will encourage them to participate ze to the kid that will give the best monster dance.

Don’t forget to give prizes to your game winners. This will encourage them to participate in the next games.

Another game which seems to popular is the building a scarecrow game. This involves having several groups of children make their won scarecrow using pillow cases, old clothes, newspapers, cardboards, tapes or adhesives, and markers. You will have to prepare some old clothes for this one. The children will definitely enjoy making something that often see in television and books.

You can also have a Halloween candy hunt which basically is a variation of the Easter egg hunt. By this time, we just hope that the kids haven’t discovered yet the candies you hid around the area.

Don’t forget to have a scary story telling time as well. Ask one of your guests or friends to tell a story to the kids at the party. Avoid making the story too scary though.

There are other ghoulish Halloween party games that can still do. Just remember that this is the children’s day and your objective is to have them enjoy the day.

A Ghoulish Halloween Party (part 1 of 2)

Organizing a Halloween party for kids can be both quite enjoyable and at the same time challenging. There are several things that you will need to plan ahead and a whole bunch of things that could possibly go wrong. Plus, you’re talking about planning a ghoulish Halloween party for kids whose attention span can be as short as a candle fuse. The party can easily go out of control with kids getting rowdy, trying to best one another with their costumes, treats, etc.

Although having some sort of control would be a great but also remember that this is a children’s party, an iron hand rule would be overdoing it. Now there are several ways to make your audience listen. One way would be to make them busy by having them participate in party games. There are quite a number of party games that you can organize that would certainly grab the attention of your kids.

If you’re familiar with the game called Mummy Wrap, you know the kids will be glad to participate with this one. As the name of the game implies, it involves wrapping someone with mummy wraps which in our case equates with a roll of toilet paper. The game is simple. You just need to group the kids into small groups and have them designate someone to wrap. At your cue, the wrap the “mummy” with toilet paper from head to feet. The group that were able to wrap fully their mummy the fastest would be the winner.

Several Halloween games I know are just variations of exiting party games. We have the Halloween musical chairs and the freeze dance. Both I’m certain you already know. It doesn’t hurt to be a little creative with your chairs. You can easily make the children feel it’s a Halloween game it you make the chairs ghoulish looking like maybe making them appear like tombstones or using darker colored chairs and adding some cobwebs.

Your Career Opportunities Can Be in Retirement Communities (part 2 of 2)

Mostly the mentioned positions are related to health services, marketing and finance.  There are also job opportunities in restaurant services, general services and construction. 

Another good thing about building a career in the retirement industry are the benefits.  Some benefits would include insurance programs, health insurance, dental insurance, short term and long- term disability insurance.  Other benefits would be:

• Paid Time Off
• Paid Holidays
• Bereavement Leave
• Tuition Reimbursement
• Employee Help Line
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• Public Transportation Discounts
• Emergency Transportation
• Discounts on Baby Products (car seats, cribs, etc.)
• Emergency Assistance Fund
• Adoption Assistance

Looking for the ideal job takes a lot of patience, persistence and hard work.  To be successful in any field or profession that you have chosen, it should be at least in line with where your interests lie and your talents and skills can be maximized. 

Building a career in retirement communities require you to have the patience and love for caring people, especially the elderly.  This is a career which would require a lot of effort but would be worth it upon seeing the smiling faces thanking you for providing the best care possible.  The staff and the professionals in the retirement community serves as the family for these people who have turned to your expertise and guidance

Your Career Opportunities Can Be in Retirement Communities (part 1 of 2)

Retirement communities aim to provide health care and housing to retirees.  This is different from retirement homes, since retirees are allowed to have their own apartment unit or house.  At the same time, they would be receiving on-site health care services and at the same time they would also have access with different amenities that would improve their well-being and health.

Retirement communities do not only provide services to the elderly and retirees, but they provide career opportunities, as well.  If you chose to explore a career in the field of adult and elderly health care, here are several job options available in this field:

• Doctors – doctors who work with the elderly are referred to as the geriatricians.  They are required to finish medical school and followed by family or internal medicine.

• Clinical psychologists and counsellors -  their work is involved in studying human behaviour and mental processes to understand and explain people’s behaviour.  They would conduct counselling and provide mental health services and therapy.

• Nurse and nursing assistant – registered nurses are often the care providers to the elder people who are ill.  Nurses should have an associate degree, diploma or should have finished baccalaureate level.  Nursing aides are also important since the play an important role in providing care and health services.

• Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant/aide – geriatric physical therapy is one of the most important service that retirement communities.  Many of the patients and older people have experienced strokes, accidents, and arthritis.

• Social worker – most of them can be found in senior centers, hospices, hospital and nursing homes.  They would conduct case analysis and also policy analysis.

• Managers

• Marketing specialists – concerned with the advertising and sale of products and services

• Program planner

• Trainers

• Lawyers – they would be handling the legal needs of older people like creating trusts, long-term finance plan, etc.

• Educators and teachers – the elderly needed to be educated on how they could take care of themselves

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Reasons Why Leaving Spam Comments is NOT the Way to Promote Your Blog (part 1 of 2)

Why spam commenting will not work for you

Leaving spam comments to promote your blog may seem tempting enough but it's best to avoid it.  That is, if you want to be taken seriously and see your blog last long enough for your grandchildren to appreciate.  Here are reasons why leaving spam comments to promote your blog are NOT the way to go:

You're being watched

These days, you spam someone once and you'll be branded for life.  Or at least the blog or business you're trying to promote will be.  The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 makes sure spam is controlled and no one can wave it around like a weapon.

Becoming associated with spam is bad news for your blog.  People hate spam… period.  They will be more than happy to report you to your host provider or even your affiliate companies and avoid your blog altogether.  And yes, Akismet and a host of other plug-ins designed to fight spam will be watching.

You will be penalized

By leaving spam comments on another website with the sole purpose of promoting your blog, you give that website's owner the permission to become a witness against you.  Your host provider will cut off ties with you and if you're using your blog to promote an affiliate's products, even your affiliate will drop you.

Should this happen, you will have to start all over again, from square one, with a tarnished reputation.  If you leave more spam comments in the future, you'll only be repeating the cycle all over again, all to your detriment.

You'll be seen as unprofessional

Leaving spam comments to promote a blog is for the lazy, the uninformed and the desperate.  Why else would you use a technique that is generally viewed as unsavory?  If you're unprofessional, your visitors will find it difficult to trust you ever again.

You'll be violating certain unwritten codes

The reason why comments are allowed in websites is to provide people a platform with which to interact.  Blogs, forums and discussion boards are large meeting places, open to people regardless of their age, sex, location or personal beliefs, with the implicit agreement that those who participate will be respected for their beliefs.

By leaving spam comments on these sites mainly to promote your blog, you break this code of trust.

Leaving spam comments can increase your blog's ranking... artificially

Although an artificial increase in ranking can mean good news for your blog (it will allow your site to appear high in search engine rankings), this is only an initial effect, sort of like anesthesia.  Soon, it will wear off.

This is particularly true if your blog has nothing else to offer.  Visitors who have been driven to your blog through search engine links (which you were able to achieve artificially) will sniff around your site and if they find nothing there, they'll leave soon enough, never to come back.

Worse, word might even get around that your website is filled with nothing but air.  If you must promote your blog this way, make sure you have the content to make visitors stay.